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Small Work 2015-2022

Small Insect Drawings 2022

Shut In 2020
These drawings were created at the time f the shut downs and uprising. My studio was inaccessible, all I had t work with was a roll of paper and some lipstick I managed to grab on the night on March 18 2020 when the entire city of Los Angeles went into shut down. My apartment is in down town Los Angeles and I live on the corner of two main roads so I was witness to much protest and military activities. It was a terrifying time.

Little Things 2019

These small assemblages were inspired by the unhoused encampments of Los Angeles as a documentation of lost dreams and insanity.

City Sketch Book 2017
A series of small sketch I did in preparation for my larger work.
Snapshots of impressions from around down town Los Angeles.

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