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One of two 30 foot triptychs commenced with the fervid inspiration of the city, an ode noted in scale, and was completed after the artist’s American visa was granted. Titled, "DTLA As the Garden of Earthly Delights," its bright colors cut through and vindicate the dark, gritty imagery of homelessness, culture, gender, politics, spirituality and all that Los Angeles has come to embrace between its historic architecture. Recalling the melting abstractions of Francis Bacon and allegorical sensibilities of Hieronymus Bosch, Freeman examines the here and now with her tempestuous brushstrokes, layered with a myriad of paints.

With her affinity for large format works, Freeman challenged herself with the first three panel triptych while residing in Australia, awaiting her Visa. The original inspiration for the work lent its title, "The Garden of Earthly Delights." Cultivated on the epochs of birth, life and death, Freeman tangles the human form following its curves through a pushing and pulling whereby the Yin and Yang are found at every edge. Just as in nature, the vivid, raw elements within us as humans, are awakened throughout these various stages.

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